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Zen Garden

The MIND is everything.
What you think you become.

At Eccosphere, we strongly believe that a healthy mind is the key to success and prosperity not only in business but in life as a whole

Zen Garden

Breathe in and breathe out

Through careful studies and research on the impact of nature on one’s mind and productivity, we found that Japanese Zen temples, i.e. indoor dry landscape gardens, enable one to connect with nature.

Blending in with the beauty of the universe is sometimes essential to zone out, and tune in to find some inner peace. Doing so is essential to bounce back, recharged with higher levels of productivity.

According to Buddhist mythology, indoor Zen gardens help one to feel a calming effect on their mind, a much-needed break from stress. Great scholars have testified that the ancient Japanese had made it possible to attain the highest level of intellectual refinement by spending time in the carefully composed Zen gardens.

At Eccosphere, we envisage an office environment that helps you connect with your inner Zen. We have built a zone within the premises that enables you to connect with a part of your soul, where your true nature lies. The same part which is the powerhouse of everything you’re capable of.

We truly believe in the proven benefits of having a beautiful Zen garden, that it will help you immensely. We know, that even amidst the daily buzz of life, you need to find that quiet escape to gather your thoughts, and just breathe. After all, breathing in alignment with your body will have a positive spillover on your work.

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