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Power Naps

The MIND is everything.
What you think you become.

At Eccosphere, we strongly believe that a healthy mind is the key to success and prosperity not only in business but in life as a whole

Power Naps

Take a shot of positive productivity

Whoever said napping during work hours is not permitted? As much as the mundane ideology prevalent may frown upon at the idea of taking breaks with power naps at the workplace, the plethora of scientific studies suggest otherwise. In fact, some of the most intellectually inclined and smart people world over believe in the science of “shut down & reboot”.

Power naps are truly powerful short-term productivity enhancers, crucial to re-energize one’s mind and body. Working for long hours a day is natural to stress out the body physically, and drain one’s mental faculties. What if there existed a space, right within the confines of your office, where you could simply unwind whenever you needed? Don’t you think that would ensure you’re always fresh, ready to take on and conquer every challenging assignment that comes your way?

Why shy away from what your mind and body need to be productive? At Eccosphere, we have created a workplace, which catalyzes you to reach your zenith. Let our well-designed napping zones be your perfect hideout to tune out from the world and tune back in, fully energized!

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