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Frequently Asked Questions

A coworking place or a co sharing office space is essentially a shared and collaborative work environment. It has every feature of a regular office, except that it comes bundled with much more.

At Eccosphere, we’ve built a revolutionary coworking space that’s not just meant to a great environment to work in, but a haven equipped with every facility that will help to nurture your mind & body too.

A coworking office is suitable for all kinds of people, be it a big company or enterprise, a private business or even individuals.

As a coworking company, we at Eccosphere are committed to ensure that we cover the office needs for all types of people. We have deeply thought of the requirements of each group and have many plans to choose from, be it a floating desk, a private cubicle or even a space for your company events.

We’ve made sure that we’re well connected with city transport. The nearest metro station is Noida City Centre. We’ll be happy to also provide your members with shuttle services for seamless commuting.

Yes, our doors are always open for those who want to join our sanctuary.

However, since we’ve built the future of co-working spaces in India, we’d like it that when you visit us, we treat with you the time and importance you deserve.

Our team loves to spend time with people like you and show around all that we’ve made with our love and care. Hence, in order to make sure that you make the most of your visit, it’s always best to schedule a tour in advance.

This way, our team members are going to be absolutely ready in advance, waiting to help you find the best solution suited to your specific needs.

You can ring us at 1800 120 4909 or email us at 

Yes! We’re a coworking office space that actually wants to help every business looking for a real estate solution. We’ve special provisions to help companies like yours who are renovating, shifting or looking for bigger spaces.

Feel free to contact us and allow us with a chance to discuss this.

As a really committed and future-proof office space in Delhi NCR, we understand that the hours of the clock shouldn’t stop or restrict one's work. 
We operate 24 hours through all the six working days of the week. 
If you only need the office for 12 hours, we offer the flexibility of choice in terms of opting for that too.

Yes, of course. It’s understandable that you have this doubt, as you’re looking for Coworking in Noida.

We’ve made sure that you as a member of Eccosphere are entitled to a dedicated parking spot. Our parking spaces can accommodate both two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

In addition, your visitors too need not suffer, for there is sufficient parking space even available outside.

Essentially, both the shared office space and dedicated co-working space are shared workspaces. However, the degree of privacy in the two varies.

If you’re looking for a fully enclosed private space that you can completely lock out the other rest of the world from, our Private Office Membership (Shared Office Space) is the ideal plan for you. It comes with the entitlement of using the workspace round the clock. As your business grows, it comes with the flexibility to add more offices and develop customized plans suited to your group’s needs.

You can avail this type of shared office for rent on an individual capacity, or even a group having ten or more people.

Dedicated Desk Membership on the other hand also comes with privacy, but slightly limited when compared to private offices. It entitles you with a desk that is only yours, and a lockable filing cabinet to safe keep all your personal belongings.

Dedicated desks too come with the flexibility of 24x7 access with the availability of phone booth for calls.

We’re proud to call ourselves different from all other shared office spaces in Noida.

When you walk into the doors of Eccosphere, you will realize for yourself that it’s not just an office. It’s a sanctuary that caters to the holistic aspect of your being.

In line with that, our formula for success rests on the powerful trinity of Mind-Body-Work.


We’ve put a lot of thought behind every small detail of our design. We’ve not just built a space that’s aesthetically appealing. We’ve scientifically based our interiors on the Zen Design philosophy, a concept that is well known to soothe one’s mind. Besides ensuring a well-lit layout, with a lot of space, we’ve also integrated the office space with the freshness of green plants that whisper freshness into your mental faculties all day long.

Work can inevitably get stressful and we understand that. In order to fight that constant battle with mindfulness, we’ve designed special Yoga and Meditation zones to pull yourself back to your best being.


We acknowledge the reality that one can’t be productive if their body doesn’t allow so. We also understand that with work eating most of one’s hours, hitting a gym isn’t quite practical before or after work.

As a part of our commitment to take responsibility for your well being, we’ve built a cross fit gym and sports arena to help you stay fit and healthy at all times.


In order to stay ahead of the competitive curve without tending towards stagnation, staying involved in continuous learning is imperative.

At Eccosphere, you’ll find curated opportunities for personal growth and skill development. At the comfort of learning programs within the office, you can enhance your knowledge seamlessly.

The terms and agreements to avail our shared office suites run in multiple pages. Let us not boggle you with so much information here.

We’ll be happy to share all the details you need pertaining to this at your convenience over call. Kindly call us at any time on  1800 120 4909 or alternatively, drop us a line at We promise to solve this doubt in only a few minutes.

The beauty of our shared office space in Delhi is that it has been designed keeping every single aspect of your need in mind. Whether it’s tea or coffee or even our fresh fruit water, they’re all complimentary.

The best conversations and ideation happens over coffee, so why should we charge that :)

As an office sharing company, we understand how important client visits are. You can feel absolutely comfortable and also proud to have your guests over at your office in Eccosphere.

We’re cautious in terms of security reasons. Any time you have visitors coming over, all you need to is register them via email at or in person at the front desk. You’ll receive a confirmation email once they’re registered. 

If you’re going to rent our shared office in Noida, you can be totally at ease to terminate your membership at any point you desire (which we guarantee you won’t want to!)

However, if you do, there won’t be any accruing charges post-termination of the membership of our shared office workspace.

Our shared office for rent has been designed in a way to grant you complete flexibility.

We ensure that the choice of what and how much you need is totally yours, not dependent on any meaningless terms and conditions.

Yes of course. With Eccosphere we’ve attempted to create the best sharing office in Delhi.

In order to ensure that we live up to that excellence, we’ve deployed CISCO Meraki, which superlative in terms of global standards, in order to fuel our seamless IT Support.

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