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Cross Fit Gym

Your body is your temple,
it’s your home and
you must decorate it

The body is an indispensable vehicle for experiences. Without it nothing can be done, not even a simple task. At Eccosphere we motivate and encourage our members to be active and stay fit.

Cross Fit Gym

Let your body help you achieve what your mind conceives

A successful outside draws its roots from a healthy inside. As bizarre as it may sound, there does exist a positive correlation between physical fitness and professional success. Drawing inspiration from globally accomplished business tycoons and professionals, we at Eccosphere recognize good health as a mantra for success.

We have paved the path for a new dimension to workspaces by introducing a cross-fit gym. Scientifically speaking, besides raising fitness levels, exercising releases feel-good hormone serotonin that trims down stress levels and strengthens immunity.

Let a happy mind & healthy body be your catalyst to reach your productive potential. At Eccosphere, experience a reinvented realm to work and work out, all within the same sanctuary.

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