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You think you want to work from home? Trust me, YOU DON'T

22-01-2019   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   coworking

Working from home sounds like a great idea until you actually begin to live your “dream”. You may think you are your own boss now and it is the ideal solution for the employment woes and child care issues you face but wait, these romanticized versions you think up when you decide to work from home may not really materialize in the long run. Here are a few of the reasons why.

Your home is a haven for all kinds of distractions
Your spouse, children and pets are just a few of the many factors that can add to the distractions you encounter when working from home. Besides this, the thought that household chores are looming ends up decreasing your productivity. 

The line between work and leisure time blurs
While people believe that working from home means dong less, more often than not the opposite is true. Without the separation of your workplace from your home, your workday gets in the way of your free time. You do not have to check out and so inevitably put in more hours of work. Also the feeling that you are always at work can be overwhelming.

Accountability diminishes
You may think working from home gives you the feeling of comfort but it also leads to the diminishing of accountability. When you work from home, it becomes difficult for managers to apply the standard measures of management and to supervise your work to make sure you are on the right path. 

The power of complete access to the internet
Unmonitored internet surfing can take up huge amounts of your time as you end up scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feeds relentlessly. It is important to consider time management skills or a software program that helps to manage your work hours more productively.

You do not get ample opportunities for collaboration
There is a lot of intentional and casual collaboration that takes place in a typical office setup. Whether this involves having regular brainstorming sessions or imbibing practices of your co-workers, this is one thing that you might miss out on when you decide to work from home. This situation can also cut down on your networking opportunities. 

It can cause a strain on your family
Your work from home decision does not only affect your own way of life, it impacts the routine of your family members too, no matter what their age. It can not only add a certain kind of tension and stress to the home environment, your children may need to adjust to your work schedules and routines too. This can create chaos and confusion in your regular routines as well as the decision making process.

You need to consider all of these aspects before making a decision whether you want to work from home or not. All said and done, however, it’s safe to presume that unless you have no other alternative whatsoever, going out of your home to work is always a better choice. Not to scare you off or anything but do you really want to work from home? Trust me, you don’t! 

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