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Working from Home, a Coffee Shop or a CoWorking Space , Which is Right for You?

30-03-2019   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   coworking

Many people are becoming more entrepreneurial and are open to alternative employment opportunities. This is changing how and where people work. Such professionals no longer have to commute to conventional offices, as they can now select a place to work from based on their needs. 
Whether you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you have three options for where you can work from. These include your home, a coffee shop or a coworking space. It is important to realise that choosing a workplace is a personal decision and you should opt for the one that works best for you. 

Working from Home
Most solopreneurs and freelancers begin their journey working from home as it helps them save money and also provides a fair degree of flexibility. Working from home means being able to work at your convenience and in clothes that you are comfortable in. You can customise the workspace to suit your preference.
Depending on your home situation, it is quite possible to control the noise and ensure you can work in complete silence to be productive. However, everything is not perfect when you work from home. You do not get an opportunity to prime yourself and get your brain into a creative and hustling mode as you would when you commute to a co-working space or coffee shop. Also, you have to contend with distractions like cooking, doing the laundry and listening to something your spouse or partner has to say. Furthermore, you may start your day with the intent to work and be productive, but before you know it, you may end up watching a video on YouTube or talking to friends. 
A home office is the right choice for those with severely limited budget who have the discipline to work for 8 to 10 hours actually doing their clients’ work. It is tough to separate work and home and this can transform you into a workaholic or a shirker. 

Working from a Coffee Shop
Driving down to your favourite coffee shop allows you to get out of your home, and mild ambient noise can be stimulating. However, a majority of coffee shops in India have loud, blaring music and noisy teenage crowd that can distract and irritate you. So, it is essential to find a coffee shop that has a quiet yet inspiring atmosphere. 
Also, it is prudent to remember that coffee shops have Wi-Fi connectivity which is not always secure. So, you risk your passwords being stolen. And, then there is a risk of Wi-Fi issues that even the best coffee shops have to deal with. 
Most coffee shops do not encourage squatters and hence, you will be forced to buy coffee or something else while working. If you have an urgent presentation or proposal, working in a coffee shop could be fine. However, in the long term, it is not the best place to work from as results will be inconsistent and you will be plagued with anxiety as you will worry you’ll be asked to leave or buy something. 

Working from a co-working Space
Co-working spaces are touted as the best workplace for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Some co-working spaces have desks available on a first-come first-serve basis. There are others that provide designated desks as well as private offices. Hence, you can choose the type of co-working space you like and get a desk of your choice. 
A majority of co-working spaces host community and networking events. So, you can use them as an opportunity to meet likeminded people and professionals who could alter the trajectory of your career. Above all, they allow you to create a professional image and not get bound by the social isolation you experience when working from home. 
Co-working spaces have comfortable working environment, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and excellent amenities. They provide one of the best work environments as they are filled with ambitious and motivated individuals. Some of their enthusiasm will rub off on you, enabling you to focus better and be more productive. 

While working from co-working spaces can be more expensive than working at home or in a coffee shop, they are cheaper than traditional office spaces. They also provide amenities and networking opportunities that you cannot take advantage of while working from home or in a coffee shop. So, if you are a freelancer or have a start-up, think of investing in a co-working space. It will lead to the right results. 

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