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Why Modern Offices Need to Reconnect with Nature!

24-06-2019   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   Productivity

The very thought of going to an office stirs up a feeling of dullness and uniformity. Working spaces, for long, were one of the most stressful spaces in a working person’s life. Owing to the amount of time you spend in the office, shouldn’t you rather grow to enjoy it? We all have heard of the fact that if you love what you do, your job will no longer be a ‘job.’ It’ll be a hobby. Likewise, if your workspace reminds you of a confined space, you will no longer grow to enjoy it. The concrete walls, tables, chairs, and laptops conjure of an unpleasant setting in your mind altogether leaving you drained by the end of the day. Is there an ideal solution to it? Well, Yes - A working space which reconnects with nature! 

Why do humans, in general, need to reconnect with nature?
Keep aside office and work spaces and just consider humans in general. How many of us get the time to take a stroll in the garden or by the lake? How many can feel the sunshine in a cramped office? Do we have the privilege to soak in the sun and breath in the nature around us? The answer might be close to 1%. 

Humans are born of nature and designed to be with it. Psychiatrists have confirmed that people become less chaotic when reconnected with nature. The aggressive nature of the employees can also be reduced to a large extent when they have natural elements around them. Since nature offers extreme clarity, it is of utmost importance to the employees; who are generally exhausted all-day long. A right combination of enhanced physical health, positive emotions, and appropriate mental health is what nature provides in abundance.

Why are modern offices choosing the zen design philosophy? 
Owing to the importance of reconnecting with nature, many modern offices have opted for the zen design. The traditional office design is cramped up, which promotes uniformity and adheres to unnecessary segregation. Thankfully, modern offices today realize and believe in the significance of introducing natural elements around work spaces.

The ancient zen philosophy promotes minimal design which is connected to nature and visually appealing. From the paint color and ample windows to the choice of furniture and plants; everything works in tandem to bring you into a meditative state and one with nature. With the room filled with sunshine, vertical plants, minimal furniture, serene rooftops, positive energy,greenery, and spacious design; you will be the most productive version of yourself. 

Sync your mind and body
The most important benefit of reconnecting with nature is the opportunity to detoxify your surroundings. Office plants improve air quality and reduce the carbon dioxide level significantly. You will realize the difference of walking into a workspace with traditional design vis-à-vis a biophilic design. Zen gardens promote focus, and thus productivity. The modern designs aid in minimizing distractions, simplifying human lifestyle, and affinity to nature. Besides, modern design ensures sufficient natural light, which brightens up the overall mood of the employees. With all the benefits the design has to offer, which office would not want to choose it?  

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