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Coworking – Why is the modern professional looking for inspiring spaces?

01-06-2018   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   COWORKING

As a digital nomad, I completely understand why someone would want to break free from a 9 to 5 routine and a traditional workspace, in other words, a cubicle. Working in a traditional office often means every day will be same for you. The strict timings, the same schedule, the anxiety, the office politics and the competition – all this can be exhausting after a while. No wonder there are many professionals these days, who are choosing to work from home or from a coffee shop and finding solace in their solitude, where they can be on their own, enjoy the flexibility and feel “free”.

coworkin space

The good and the not-so-good side of freedom
There is a certain sense of freedom location-wise and time-wise when you are working from your home or a cozy coffee shop maybe. You can get the job done no matter where you are, and there is no rush to get started exactly at 9 in the morning. You feel like your own boss and especially if you are a freelancer or a consultant, you pick projects as per your wish and make the money you want to.

But after some time, the loneliness of working on your own can get to you, as it did to me. I constantly missed the chats I used to enjoy back at the office and the ideas I got to share with my colleagues. And that’s when I realized the need for a coworking space. If you too find yourself talking to your pet about your work, while sitting in your home office, it’s time to start coworking.

Why is coworking so great?   traditional work space
If you are aware of coworking, you are also probably aware that there are many companies offering such spaces these days. And these often feature amenities like fast internet, ergonomic furniture, cleaning services, phone booths, free refreshments, parking space and a lot more. But if you think a little, would you really want to go to a coworking space every day just because they have really comfy chairs, or an advanced printer or serves free coffee? All these features can be enjoyed at home too. Or maybe you are thinking of choosing a coworking space because it comes with a cool gym. Is it really worth it? Why not get a treadmill in your spare room and get started?
So, what makes a coworking space worth it? It is the feeling of belonging to a community that it offers. You will belong to a community of forward-thinking professionals who love their work, love their freedom from a 9 to 5 job and yet love to interact with others. The best kinds of coworking spaces will have a quiet zone for you to focus and also common areas where you can relax and catch up with another freelancer or entrepreneur over coffee. Events will be planned for coworkers to bond and know each other better, or find someone from the same profession to draw inspiration.

Coworking inspires in a uniqueCoworking inspires in a unique way
For me, working in a traditional office meant that I was working every day with people who directly impacted my work and productivity. But coworking is a different ball game. Here, you will work with other professionals who hail from different fields and have different goals. They will not be your team members, like back in office. However, their cumulative energy and passion for work will inspire you to do well in your project too.

You will soon realize that you are a part of a special professional tribe where everyone thinks like you, wants the same work culture like you and loves freedom as well as togetherness. You will find people you can discuss your work with and even what you watched last night on TV. Maybe, you will land new projects this way or build partnerships as well. The possibilities with coworking are limitless!

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