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Why Do People Really Give Up?

16-01-2019   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   Personal Development

We’ve all been in a situation where, at some point or the other, we have thought of giving up. Picture this; you have been working hard, putting in sweat and blood, on a major project that is sure to get you noticed at your workplace. You do your very best and strive to meet deadlines only to realize after a certain point that you hate them and hate the process because it does not show results the way you thought it would when you first started working, and so you eventually give up. Chances are, you are one of these people because at some point or the other, we all have been “one of these people”. But what really gives people this feeling of simply giving up?

Not obtaining quick and prompt results
If you want to achieve something big, you’ve got to keep putting in efforts, no matter how long it takes. However, in a society that is used to the idea of immediate gratification, anything that takes long to accomplish is usually thought of as not worth it. If you only focus on the end, you’ll never get there.

Treating change as a thing to worry about
Worrying about change and thinking that you many eventually not like it is a sure-shot way to give up. If you resist change, naturally things are going to become difficult for you. If you don’t visualize the possibilities and persevere, anything new that occurs is bound to be scary.

Not believing in themselves anymore
The fastest route to throwing away your goals is questioning your self-belief. You are bound to fail if you let negativity or the feeling that you cannot achieve your aims, creep in. The thing about your frame of mind is that anything you set your mind to, you can achieve, even if that thing is giving up.

Being afraid of the future
Most people want to know that the final outcome will work in their favor before they take the leap. Unfortunately, that is not how the future works. There is no guarantee that things are going to work out in a certain way, which is what makes the entire journey so challenging. You need to continuously engage with the emerging realities and overcome the abrupt bumps on the road to reach your destination. And this can make the journey so much more fulfilling.

Focusing on your weaknesses
If you focus on your weakness, you do not have the time to concentrate on your strengths. So naturally, thoughts of giving up are going to surface.

Rethinking your mistakes
Do you see failure as a sign to give up? Well, the biggest achievers know that failure is a lesson learnt in disguise. Dwelling on mistakes and having them affect your self-esteem is a sure-shot way to give up on your dreams.

Overworking yourself
When you overwork and undervalue yourself, you often feel like quitting. This is because hours creep up and the pressure intensifies. This eventually reaches a breaking point and the easier route to take is giving up.

Whether it is a dream that you are harboring for quite a while or some career or personal choice that fails to offer desirable results; rest if you must, but don’t give up. If you give up, you will never know whether you could have made it. Agreed, life and following your goals are hard, but that’s what makes victory even sweeter to taste.

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