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Why coworking spaces are great for remote workers

04-12-2018   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   Coworking

When Raina’s boss suggested that she should work remotely, she was thrilled. She would be saving on four hours of travel time, she would be able to devote more time to her school-going children, she would be more focused since she would be alone at home. Six months later, she realized she had enough of her “alone time” at home. She yearned for some people to talk to and some outside air. So she moved herself to the local café, where she worked for the next 4 weeks before she got fed up with the noise and the necessary daily expense. She started to miss great internet, brainstorming with her team, and better work space. She yearned for a place where she could work productively and remotely. She finally found her home in a coworking space.

Here is why a coworking space can be actually be the best thing that has ever happened to a remote worker.

People get an opportunity to socialize with others
We are inherently social beings who live and thrive on interactions and bonds with others. Working in a shared office enhances the chances of socializing and networking with co-workers. This works to strengthen work identity, reduce loneliness in employees and expand social networks productively. As a result, at the end of the day, you feel satisfied and happy both from a professional and personal point of view.

It works like a built-in network
Whether you are looking for collaborators, for subcontracting jobs or reliable referrals, coworking space networks can prove to be immensely helpful. At a coworking space, there are people working for different organisations or running different brands and that creates a huge pool of networking opportunities. It also creates an opportunity to find people who think similarly – giving you a platform to test your ideas, get feedback and even explore better ideas.

You gain access to personal development and community building events
Coworking spaces play host to an array of events that can help professionals in a big way. These events can be in the form of a large networking meetup, casual happy hour or a weekly seminar. Besides this, these spaces help remote workers to connect with like minded professionals outside the confines a work-related setup.

You get the advantage of various amenities
When compared to working from home or café, a coworking space offers you a fully equipped office. So you can work effectively and efficiently with the right kind of chairs, desks and even equipment such as printers. Other than this, you obtain free and fast Wi-Fi, conference rooms as well as a quiet working environment which take your work productivity to new heights.

It offers you the best of all worlds
Coworking is a dynamic and ideal solution for remote workers who require the collaborative feeling that comes with a co-working space and the privacy that comes with an individual office area. It is perfect for those businesses that have a clear eye on the budget even as they offer their employees various kinds of amenities such as furnished collaborative lounges, recreational areas, cafeteria facilities and spacious meeting rooms.
According to experts, when people get the chance to work outside the typical kind of office setup, but do not have to restrict themselves to working from home, they gain a better kind of freedom and flexibility which further works to enhance their potential and leave them in happier moods. So, if you are working remotely and struggling to stay productive at your home or coffee shop, give coworking a shot. If you want to give coworking at try in Delhi NCR, visit Eccosphere.

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