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Why a Coworking is the Best Bet for Digital Nomads

01-06-2019   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   coworking

In an age where technology permeates every aspect of our lives including our professional lives, there is little or no need to be physically present at a location to get the job done. This has led to a new breed of workers rightly termed as Digital Nomads. This sought-after lifestyle is a practice that revolves around an individual that leverages wireless digital technology to not only earn a living but to also lead an exciting independent and nomadic life. 
All these “location independent” workers need is a corner to sit, a laptop, solid Wi-Fi, and a cup of coffee or tea to get started. Thus, they can work remotely wherever they feel like, be it in a coffee shop or even from the beach.
Some digital nomads also opt to work from coworking spaces as they offer the right amount of convenience and comfort that they are looking for. From flexibility to connectivity there is a lot that a digital nomad can gain from a coworking space. 
Here we explore some key reasons why coworking is a viable option for digital nomads.   
Today a digital nomad may be in Delhi, next month in Paris and that is exactly how unpredictable this lifestyle can be. In such cases, finding an appropriate location to comfortably sit and work from can become easier if you look for coworking spaces at your next destination. Most coworking spaces offer multiple membership styles ranging from monthly passes to daily passes. This saves your time and energy from searching for cafes or other spaces where you can work sans the distractions.
The basic prerequisite for a digital nomad is Wi-Fi. The virtual nature of their work profile demands that they have access to good if not high-speed internet for seamless work experience. Although cafes, hostels or other public spaces offer free Wi-Fi they run the risk of being patchy or worse - unsecured. You don’t want to risk facing a situation like getting hacked or unable to send important documents on the day of delivery. Coworking spaces provide secured high-speed internet access to its members to enable them to work uninterruptedly and consistently.
The presence of amenities like a coffee machine, printer or photocopier, meeting room, relaxing spaces, cafeteria, and more in a coworking space are added advantages to the work lifestyle of a digital nomad. These are some things that can definitely not be stuffed in your backpack nor can you find these easily in one location. This is a luxury that digital nomads can make use of to complete their work in a comfortable and relaxing environment.
Working from coworking spaces at different locations provides you with the opportunity to meet other nomads and local entrepreneurs. This way you can connect with potential employers or partners and widen your professional network. Coworking spaces are a hub of solo or group professionals working on different projects under different verticals. It is also a space where many open events and sessions are held that encourage interaction and networking among the coworkers.
Digital nomads around the globe can benefit from the several advantages that a coworking space provides. From the flexibility of choosing your work package to providing an opportunity to update yourself with the local entrepreneurial scene, coworking makes working remotely familiar and not so alien. With the basics like place to sit, Wi-Fi, and coffee covered digital nomads will be able to perform efficiently and still lead your wanderlust lifestyle with ease and comfort. 


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