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What Does The Future Of Work Look Like?

25-07-2018   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   START-UP

Can you imagine being allowed to sleep at work? Well, we live in funny times and this seemingly absurd notion has already come true. Companies like Google, NASA, Samsung, P&G and Huffington Post are using EnergyPods in their office campuses so that employees can take an energising nap whenever they want. An EnergyPod is the world’s first chair designed specially for napping in the workplace. The chair is designed in such a way so as to create a zero-gravity sleeping position, while consuming minimal space. With specially designed music and voice guides, it helps calm you to sleep.

Clearly, the phenomenon of work is experiencing tectonic shifts and is expected to see drastic changes in the coming years. With technology outpacing all of us, the future of work looks interesting. In fact, not just technology, but unique thinking, elaborate use of emotional intelligence and transforming lifestyles, all are going to play a role in the future of work. So, what does the future of work look like? We can’t say with certainty but we surely can imagine based on the current trends and predictions.

  1. Can a worker-less office be reality?: With robots already assisting doctors in even intricate jobs such as performing surgeries, it isn’t absurd to think of a time when robots will take over the entire workforce. Well, what seems more plausible is that robots will be taking over a fraction of the workforce and with their right application and innovation, human skills will still be required.
  2. Seismic shift in job skills: Imagine the skills that were useful 5 years ago, are they useful now? Imagine the skills that did not even exist 5 years ago, are they in demand now. Hasn’t technology completely changed the scenario? Take the example of application development. Ten years ago, there were no apps and today we have an app for every day to day activity. Well, with even more technological breakthroughs expected in the future, the list of required skills will keep on altering. In fact, it would be safe to say that the skills that will be most useful by say 2035, haven’t even been invented yet.
  3. Automation will completely takeover: Automation has already taken over a lot of industries and it is expected that in the future, clerical or manual work will be completely taken over by automation.
  4. Re-skilling will be the key: In light of the previous point, here is an interesting statistic. In a report by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group,1 million US jobs will vanish by 2026 because of automation. This clearly calls for a need to resell the current workforce so that they do not end up redundant in this transforming job market.
  5. Freelancing will be dominant: By 2027, the majority of the world population will be freelancing. Hierarchy in offices has already been demolished and personal growth is important to each employee. With the world fast moving towards an informal work environment, freelancing will ensure work-life balance and independent work terms.
With the world increasingly adopting freelancing, the concept of co-working spaces is exhibiting immense untapped potential. With collaboration, innovation and wellness at the helm of it, Eccosphere is a co-working space that nurtures an all encompassing environment for independent working. With lots of recreation option at the premise, greenery to soothe the senses and energise and amiable seating that enables the free flow of ideas, Eccosphere is truly a part of the future. For more details visit our website Eccosphere

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