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Tips to Socialize with Your Co-working Neighbors

27-02-2019   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   coworking

A coworking space can be a bit intimidating at first, whether you are a freelancer and have no team by your side or are just plain shy by nature. While striking up a conversation with your co-working neighbors can be hard, it is a must, as it works to build trust among similar individuals, enhance communication skills and benefits your career in more ways than one. You might land a more promising job through conversations, get a new project or even get ideas to start a new venture with your coworker. Here are 8 tips on how to make socialization less daunting in a coworking space.

1) Make an effort
You don’t need to interact with everyone in a co-working space. Take it one step at a time and talk to one person first. When you are sitting by yourself quietly, people do not know what to expect from you. Making an effort shows people you are a nice person and the rest will automatically warm up to you.

2) Make your presence known
Instead of fretting about making a good or bad impression, focus on making a mark first. When asked for a suggestion, give your opinion cordially, and see that you take part in public events. Refrain from advising people needlessly. Remember to get noticed but don’t make others feel overwhelmed. 

3) Recall names
People love their names and if you want to get socialization right, the least you can do is remember people’s names. When greeting people, use their names, so that you leave a favorable impression on them and make a personalized connection with them.

4) Avoid talking about your business from the word go
Conversation starter topics should not include your business. No one likes aggressive networking and it is a sure-shot way to drive people away from you. Remember when people are on a break, they crave a real break. Ask questions that genuinely pick their interest. This makes people like you more.

5) Do not overdo it
Office events and parties are a great way to make friends, and loosening up with a little alcohol is perfectly fine too. Just refrain from overdoing it. Drink responsibly and don’t think you need to drink more than you can handle just to fit in with the rest.

6) Don’t gossip about your coworkers
Yes, gossiping may seem like a great way to bond with people but indulging in it at your workplace is a definite no-no. Talking about the inconveniences you are facing either with others or your surroundings does not portray a good, professional image. 

7) Do not forget to listen
When you are having a conversation, listening is just as important as talking. However, listen not just because you need to respond but because you are actually interested in the topics. Genuinely appreciate the ideas other professionals share and ask how they came up with them. 

8) Say hello when you see people
Don’t overcomplicate the socializing process. Put out a simple greeting and a cheerful smile when you see someone. Say yes occasionally to outings with coworkers and when someone wants to speak with you, make yourself available. 

These tips are sure to help take your socializing skills forward in a coworking space and give the impression that you are an impactful and approachable person. 

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