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Tips to hire the best people for your business

27-06-2019   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   Productivity

Hiring the right resource for an available job is the first step to building a world class organization. A strong team after all, is the true essence of an organization’s success. The recruitment process led by the HR function is the most critical in filling up vacant positions. One of the best approaches adopted by many organizations is to attract the best pool in the industry. And why not if you’ve resources to adequately compensate top talent? However, it also translates to the fact that a diligent process needs to be followed such that time, money and efforts are best utilized towards closing a position.
There are several recruitment techniques used in the HR industry today and this blog attempts to share some relevant tips on the same:

Define a clear Job description – Hiring a suitable candidate begins with well-articulated job description. This includes detailing necessary responsibilities, requisite skill set and measurable outcomes of a particular job position. This information comes in handy before the hiring process begins. It also assists in communicating about the position to prospective candidates and effectively filter through the applicant list. A well-defined job description is therefore critical to plan your recruitment strategy.

Create a plan for Employee Recruitment Strategy – Once the job description is ready, the next step includes meeting with hiring managers. These are key employees who need to be briefed about vacant positions and coordinate with them through the execution process. At this stage, a recruitment strategy is created, followed by execution. 

Make a Hiring Checklist – Once the hiring process begins, it is important to systematize every element such that there are no lapses in the process. Creating a hiring checklist is therefore important, that helps you keep track of your recruitment efforts and the status of each position interviewed till date.

Maintain a talent pool at all times - Hiring managers often meet multiple candidates before narrowing down on their potential choices of candidates. It is important to maintain a talent pool of candidates such that they can be contacted in future for potential positions befitting their candidature. The larger the pool of candidates, higher is the possibility to locate the right candidate for a respective job.

Review applications carefully – Sorting and filtering applications is extremely critical in the hiring process. Reviewing resumes, job applications and covering letters is simplified with a well-drafted job description in place. It helps in identifying the most qualified applications with the right skill set for the job position. Careful reviewing of credentials and applications is a must, for an effective hiring process.

Ask the right Interview questions – Conducting personal interviews is the final cog in the wheel that gets the organization one step closer to the prospective candidate. However, asking the right questions is fundamental when hiring a candidate. At this stage, organizations are able to separate ideal candidates from average, that helps in timely closure of the position.

Background checks - Once the candidate is selected, organizations must perform thorough background checks before rolling out the offer letter. Education credentials, employment reference and criminal verification are critical checks that must be made while hiring a new employee.

These broad tips collectively create an effective recruitment strategy that help organizations to hire the best talent in the industry. Because hiring the right way is to create the best jobs for potential employees and get the best people to fill in those positions.

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