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Thinking of working as a full-time freelancer? Check these resources

21-06-2018   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   Freelancer

For those who despise the idea of sitting in an office cubicle for 8 to 9 hours and listening to bosses, full-time freelancing can seem very attractive. And there’s no doubt that freelancing brings you more freedom, flexibility and lets you manage your work and personal life with extra ease. Though it lacks the standard securities and benefits of a traditional job, freelancing can be rewarding if you put your heart and soul into it. So, if you are wondering about things like how much you will make, how many clients you might get, how you will handle your finances and so on, here are the resources you can use to get started.

Find work first

There are quite a few freelancing job sites like UpWork, Guru, FlexJobs, and CloudPeeps that feature projects based on marketing, web development, writing, editing and social media. You will often find flexible or remote jobs at beginner, intermediate and senior levels as per your expertise. You can also build your website and blog with online tools like Webydo, uKit, and Bookmark. They are easy to use, offer ample choices in terms of templates, colors, and fonts, and have competitive pricing.

Be social

Utilize social media platforms too, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, since clients might often check on you there. Talk about your work and showcase your projects on LinkedIn for better exposure. Join groups like Freedom to Freelance Project, Entrepreneur Hustle, Savvy Business Owners, Rising Tide Society, and Digital Nomads Around the World on Facebook, to generate leads and connect with others like you. You will get notifications on new projects, help with marketing ideas, and tips on how you can improve.

Focus on the business side

Even if you are a freelancer, you have to handle money matters like taxes, contracts, accounting basics, and negotiations. Maintaining a proper schedule for your work is also important. Find a financial expert who can help you with this, and use apps too.
For instance, PocketSuite is an iPhone app that lets you schedule appointments, send quotes, and accept payments via credit cards. You can download it for free and integrate with your website too. Evernote is an app with which you can organize your schedule, memos, and receipts. It syncs your smartphone, tablet, and PC. You can use a time tracking tools like Toggl, a writing tool like ZenWriter or a billing tool like Freshbooks. Mint is a tool that will keep a tab on your income and expenses, and LegalZoom can handle all your paperwork.  
Follow influencers

Following social media influencers who offer career, finance and productivity tips can be very helpful if you are a full-time freelancer. Write This Moment, Freelance WJ, Sara Horowitz, Writers Digest, and Writers Relief are the twitter accounts you should definitely follow. They post encouraging tweets, job opportunities, tips on online businesses and more. You can also follow Kate Kendall, the founder of CloudPeeps, and SkillCrush if you need technical advice. On LinkedIn, you can follow The Personal Branding Network, The Freelance Writers’ Connection, Independent Contractor Alliance and Freelance Artists and Designers.   

Choose the right workspace

Just because you are no longer doing a 9 to 5 job in a traditional cubicle, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have a proper workspace. Rather, you need it to be productive and to feel good both mentally and physically. Though working from home or a café might seem attractive, consider the distractions you might face there. Moreover, the lack of communication with others might frustrate you. In such a scenario, a coworking space can be ideal as it will let you connect with other like-minded professionals and you will be inspired. Not to mention, it will be well-planned and suitably furnished and will offer you all the facilities you need to work efficiently and relax when you need to.
Once you are all set with these freelancing tips, stay positive and keep improving. You are sure to taste success with constant perseverance.

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