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The only five things that you need to launch your company

12-06-2018   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   START-UP

If you are thinking of starting your own company, you are about to set out on the most exhilarating, adventurous, challenging and fulfilling journey of your life. To create work is a daunting and overwhelming task. As they say, with the right first step, half the job is done.

starting your own company

Here are the 5 things you need to take that first right step:
  1. A Robust Game Plan: There is a wise plan and then there is a dangerous plan that goes full throttle and attacks the competition from the very first day. You need the latter. When you start your company on the threshold of an unbeatable plan, then you become invincible. Research extensively about the industry that you are about to enter and study trends over the years. Also, employ your gut feeling and design the future of the industry. Networking is another important aspect of the game plan. When you place yourself around the influencers in the industry, you and your company gain visibility.
  2. office spaceThe Right People: No matter how great the plan and how advanced the technology, the real factor that carries the company on its shoulders is the right group of people. Curate a team that complements each other and syncs perfectly to bring alive the company. There is immense power in unity and positive thinking. A driven team with a never-say-die attitude can transform the company from a startup to a phenomenal success.
  3. The perfect place to get it all started: The environment helps our work performance much more than we give it credit for. If you are planning to rent out a small office or convert a room in your house to your office space, then make sure that the place is clean, uncluttered, get enough sunlight and is conducive for group interactions. You can make small changes to invite positivity with green plants or colored walls. When the workplace exudes energy, it will automatically translate to competitive performances. Also, amiable places enable the thinkers, the dreamers and the creative minds to bring to life unique ideas.
  4. A wise financial plan: Here the word ‘wise’ is very important. When it comes to the business plan, you can drive it with your energy, aggression, an obsession to win etc. But when it comes to financial planning, you need to be careful and take into account the worst case scenarios as well. Financial planning gives the company its longevity and obviously, you want your company to outlive the rest.
planning gives the company5. The right state of mind: As a founder, you need to be in the right state of mind and at the right place in your life to invite such a drastic change. With a new venture, stress levels can tend to go up, so you need to make sure that physically and emotionally you are strong enough to harness the pressure into something productive. Also, find your sacred space before starting your company. Sacred space means something that rejuvenates you and prepares you for the battle ahead. Spend time with your family, indulge in a hobby or go on a holiday. When you are well prepared, you can survive the journey even with its obstacles and challenges.

Take that first step with confidence like never before and you can surely unleash a success like never before.

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