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The Evolution Of Work-Space Design

26-07-2018   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   START-UP

Imagine a meeting among a bunch of youngsters lounging around the coffee area, sitting on their bright bean bags, shooting their innovative ideas while enjoying a huge family size pizza kept on the centre table for everyone to share. You find nothing wrong with this idea of a work space, do you? Well, your ancestors might have never imagined an office space to be so conducive to informality.

Just like how work culture has evolved over the years, so has work space design. In fact, work space design is what facilitates the work culture. Here is an interesting chronological description of the evolution of work space design.

1. 1900s-The Taylorist Office: Frederik Taylor, who was an American engineer, was one of the first to design an office space, and was obsessed with order and efficiency. In that era, offices were spread over a single large floor with evenly spaced rows of workstations for the general workers and the managers and owners enjoyed higher strata in the hierarchy in their separate private offices. This type of work space design brought organisation to the workplace.

2. 1930s-The Streamlined Office: This era saw the beginning of interaction among employees. While the office of the owners and the managers were still secluded from the rest of the workers, in the 1930s, the office infrastructure started being aesthetically pleasing. This design brought some modernity to the workplace, but there was still little scope for interaction with the outside world. In some cases, the offices in this era did not use to have windows also.

3. 1950s- The Open Plan Office: This concept was created by the Schnelle brothers from Germany called the Bürolandschaft, which translates to “office landscape.” This era truly enabled office space to be conducive to networking and interaction between the employees. There was less rigidity in the structure as work space became more about desks grouped together for teams to facilitate co-working.

4. 1960- The Action Office: With the help of designer George Nelson, technology was induced in the work space design with communication centre and acoustically insulated telephone. This era also was the starting of the cubicle culture with three portable walls, obtusely angled to form workstations.

5. 1980s- The Cubicle Farm Office: This era brought the complete cubicle into the picture with the 4th wall around the workstation to completely seclude each employee. This design was supposed to improve productivity but invited grimness to the work space thus resulting in unmotivated employees.

6. 1990s - The Virtual Office: The 1990s brought a wave of internet technology and completely transformed work space design. Office rents grew costlier. With the help of internet, the world shrunk and even global teams could work together.

7. 2010s- The New Open Plan Office: Today, its all about networking, letting the free flow of ideas, encouraging innovation, discouraging hierarchy and blurring the line between formal and informal. Office spaces are not just conducive to communication and networking but are also being designed to keep the employees motivated and happy. Brightly coloured walls, ample sunlight, quirky furniture and informal meeting rooms are making work spaces creative, agile and homely.

India is currently experiencing a wave of startups and this has led to an interesting development in the work-space design - Co-Working spaces. These spaces let different small teams work together in a fun and cozy environment. Apart from being cost effective, co-corking spaces bring alive a certain level of energy and positivity among the employees as they work together as a team.
The co-working space segment in India is expected to touch 10 million sq ft by 2020, while it was just 1.5 million sq ft in 2017.

We, at Eccosphere, offer the most exuberantly designed work spaces for the passionate entrepreneurs of today. Our work space designs strive to empower your passion and let you channel that into incredible productivity. We believe in leisure at workplace and thus our designs have a refreshing laid-back element that lets you relax and feel rejuvenated at work space. To know more, click here.

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