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Ten Reasons to Join a Co-Working Space in the New Year

19-11-2018   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   Coworking

“Man is by nature a social animal” said Aristotle. This was relevant then and is gaining relevance in today’s work scenario. With the start-up wave, companies are mushrooming and working out of home or compact spaces. However, working in this manner for long can be detrimental for human beings as they are by nature, social. They need people to interact as it affects their performance. It is these requirements that have given rise to the coworking space culture. A co-working space is a shared workplace where workers are not employees of the same organization. As we near the end of 2018, adapt the changing trend of working out of a co-working space. To be convinced to join one in 2019, read on.

1. Expand Your Business Network: The primary requirement of business expansion is to expand your network. A co-working space provides opportunity to know, meet and interact with people from various walks of life, different organizations and specializations. As you step outside your cocoon, find your prospective customers or clients within the same co-working space or get references to take the forward step.

2. Get the Boost, Stay Driven: Passion and enthusiasm are infectious. Sometimes when you or your team is feeling low, seeing a spirited team in the next cubicle can give you a boost too, a significant benefit of working in a shared workplace. Not every day is a great day for everyone, but the ambience can lift your spirits.

3. Bid Adieu to Work from Home Distractions: Working from home certainly has distractions especially when you are sitting just next to your TV. It is also not completely possible to avoid your kid or that ringing doorbell  or even visitors. All these will be history once you move into an organized and professional ambience.

4. No Maintenance Hassles: Coworking office spaces are managed and maintained by the professionals. This removes the hassle of office space and infrastructure maintenance You can instead channelize all your energy in your work.

5. Reduce Business Cost: As the co-working spaces are built to be leased out to multiple organizations on a per seat basis, the cost that you have to bear depends on the number of seats you lease. This cost is way less than that of leasing an entire office space together with and infrastructure like desks, chairs, internet and phone lines.

6. No Payment Due Dates to Remember: Don’t worry about the due dates to pay off those utility bills. Most of the coworking companies include that into a calculated per seat cost.

7. No Need of Arranging Backup for Critical Services: Worried about that internet link disconnect or a computer repair? Well, all these repairs, dealing with service providers for backup solutions are taken care by the co-working space owner company.

8. Be More Social. When you work out of a co-working space, you interact with people from other organizations and industries. Making acquaintances and taking breaks becomes a beneficial norm.

9. Hire Resources without Moving to Bigger Office: As your company expands bigger office space involving higher costs is out for in a co-working space, ask for more seats as per requirement.

10. De-allocate Seats: If you have a freelancer model of working and hire ad-hoc resources during peak business months, then co-working space is ideal. Once the workload reduces, you can cut down the operational cost by de-allocating the seats.

The birth and growth of co-working spaces are one of the greatest innovations of modern times. According to a 2017 Cushman & Wakefield report, “demand of co-working spaces is increasing 10-15% every year in the Asia-Pacific region”. There are plenty of coworking spaces in India, so you can join the league in 2019 and reap the numerous benefits.

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