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Ready for customer acquisition? Here is how to get going

23-07-2018   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   Productivity

So you have your product ready and you are rearing to go. But hey wait, how do you get your customers? Welcome to customer acquisition – the part of business which decides whether you are going to make it or break it. Given the intense competition that already exists and the fact that no one really knows your brand or your service, you need a very well-thought out plan to reach out to your target audience. So here are some tips from seasoned entrepreneurs that should come in handy as you go about your customer acquisition.

  • Zero in on your target audience – Unless you have a target audience in mind, marketing your brand or products effectively will be difficult. This is because there are very few products that are “needed” universally. Hence, you need to focus on a particular demographic like new mothers, teenage girls, young professionals, or homemakers and so on.
    Your target market will depend on the kinds of products you offer. Once you identify such customers, try and get them to use your products and give you feedback. You can approach friends, professional peers, relatives or neighbors too. Based on their experience or feedback, you can tweak your products and make them better.
  • Location of your target audience – Whether your target customers have a significant online or offline presence, you have to be where they are. This will help in acquiring them easily. For example, if you sell web development services, you must have an office which is close to corporate organizations, banks, retail stores etc. A decent office will also make a good impression on your clients and spread awareness about your brand.

    If your potential customers are mainly active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, create a business page for your brand, to connect with the target audience constantly. Regular posts that are engaging and informative will bring in more audience. Your target customers might also be a part of groups or communities who are looking for the solution to a particular problem. For instance, new mothers might frequent groups on baby care or baby furniture. You can join such groups and try and engage with them without promoting your products directly.
  • Promote your brand right – Since most customers go online to shop for almost everything these days, consider building an attractive website and an informative and interesting blog too. Using neat layouts, elegant colors, a decent font size, and incorporating visuals like products images in high resolution are good ideas. Interesting videos that inform customers about your products or give solutions to their problems can work very well too. Most internet users remember what they see rather than what they read.

    Also share the video links on your social media pages, so that your target audience starts following you. You will also see who all are sharing your posts, liking them or referring you to a friend. This is a good way to get the word out!
  • Focus on content and SEO – By producing high-quality, original and informative content for your website, blog and social media pages, you can gain the trust of your target customers. And you need to do this regularly. You will slowly achieve the status of an industry expert, and more people will get to know about you. Creating whitepapers is another way to do this.

    Taking SEO seriously is important if you wish to improve organic search rankings on Google. Using the right keywords optimally is the trick here. As a startup, you can start with long-tail and local keywords as this way you won’t have to compete with the bigwigs who already rank high on search results. In other words, when someone searches for a very specific product or a product nearest to his location, you will show up more on Google searches.
Though succeeding as a startup might seem challenging initially, once you reel in the right customers, you will have the necessary confidence and knowledge to achieve bigger milestones. 

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