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Must have amenities in coworking space

28-05-2019   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   coworking

Every small business, a start-up, or a freelancer using co-working space needs some basic amenities like meeting rooms for pitches, meetings, presentations and also conducting workshops. Apart from the ones mentioned earlier, there are various other amenities required to run a successful business from a co-working space. 

Here is a brief list of amenities that you should have in a coworking office that should be accessible to all working out of the office.

Required peripherals for your computer: A desk space or any meeting room should have the essential peripherals like adapters and connectors that can fit a variety of computers, and it should be a plug-N-play environment that is easy to use.

A projector: Every professional may not require a projector, but having one is important. It can be used for projections and screen sharing or demos.

Shareable screens: A whiteboard or a monitor that can serve the purpose for presentations can double as a screen. It can be of great use when your clients visit your office at the coworking space.

Call phones: Although a large number of people work out of their individual cell phones, having an official contact number is beneficial as it portrays a more efficient and professional look. An office phone that allows your clients to get in touch with you is an added benefit for your profession.

A good sound system: Speakers and other acoustics also play a large role in your business setup. In a regular office, these can be set up for your individual use. However, in a shared working space, these facilities are used by several other people and may need prior booking. It is important you find out how to use these if you have to make a presentation to prospective clients. It will ensure everyone can hear what you are saying and will not miss out vital parts of your presentation.  

Stationery supply: A typical office will require a lot of stationary like printing papers, marker pens, erasers and much more. Having these at your disposal can help you with your correspondence needs.  

Seating arrangement: Seating is the most important factor to create a comfortable working space. A good ergonomic chair can give the comfort you need while working long hours to make your start-up a success.  

Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity: These days nothing gets done without Wi-Fi. Whether it is email correspondence or VoIP chats, you will need seamless internet connectivity round the clock to meet the needs of your business. Remember, the connectivity should be secure at all times.  

Power back-up: The coworking office should be able to provide power back-up in case of power failure. This ensures that your business is up and running at all times. 
Pantry service: Working long hours can be tiring and having pantry service offering snacks and refreshments to keep the employees going. 
If you have decided to choose a coworking space for your business, then you should consider the availability of these must-have amenities before finalizing one.

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