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Keep home and workspace separate to achieve true work-life balance

19-06-2018   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   Productivity

If the line between your work life and home life has started to blur increasingly, it’s time to gain control over work-life balance. A healthy balance will help you to be present in both these areas of life, but most freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs have a challenging time keeping their home and work life separate. While it is true that technology lets you work from anywhere and especially your home these days, not having a proper work-life balance means you will either lose out on quality time with your loved ones or end up performing poorly at work. And to achieve this elusive balance, you need to have a separate workspace, but it doesn’t have to be a traditional cubicle. A proper home office or a coworking space away from your home can help you out.

But first, take a look at the reasons why you need to separate your workspace from your home.

Higher productivity

A well-defined space for work is essential if you wish to be truly productive. And it cannot be your bedroom or living room, as they lack the professionalism and furnishing that goes with an office. So, ideally, your office environment should be one where you have an ergonomic chair maybe, cabinets or drawers for storing files, and a desk where you can arrange your laptop and stationery. Technological amenities like a printer, fax machine etc. should be present in the right spots. This can be achieved in a well-planned home office, but if you can’t, go for the shared workspace with modern facilities. The bottom-line is that space should inspire you, help you stay focused and make you want to come back to it every day.

More discipline

Maintaining discipline is the key to getting work done and for this, you either need a proper home office or coworking space. When you close the door of your home office, the rest of the family should understand that you are working and cannot be disturbed. Or else, you will constantly lose your focus, thanks to the sound from the TV or your kids barging in and making a mess.

But if you think that despite a home office, you have to juggle household chores with your work or guests always keep popping in, then head to a shared workspace where there will be no distractions.

Increased comfort

Working from home can sound pretty attractive, but not when you have to work on your dining table with dishes around, or your kid just left some more toys on the table. Working in your bedroom can be more uncomfortable, especially if you are on your bed and have to bend your back to focus on your laptop.

However, a home office can ensure more comfort, as you can choose furniture that makes working easy. For instance, you can pick up a revolving chair that can be reclined as needed. Or, get a desk with drawers to help you organize your pens and notepads. You can regulate the AC as you wish and decide on the kind of lighting as well. You can pick up a rug, footstool or a painting that inspires you too. Even a coworking space can give you this comfort with the right kind of furniture, ample lighting, refreshments and modern technology.

Less stress

Imagine you are working in your bedroom and can’t focus because of low light or maybe you are working in the living room and the sofa is too soft for you to sit up straight. These issues can make working for 8 to 9 hours every day a challenging task. Soon, you will feel stressed and maybe take it out on your loved ones.

So, why settle? A well-organized home office or a shared workspace can give you the right environment for work. You won’t have to bump into things or screw up your eyes to see the laptop screen or sit hunched for work. Naturally, you will be more relaxed and be more attentive to your work.

All in all, separating home and workspace is very important to sustain your professional spirit. Every aspect of life needs a space of its own, and your work is no different.

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