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Is your working space affecting your productivity?

30-05-2018   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   PRODUCTIVITY

Working at something only makes sense when you work productively or achieve results that show the effort and energy you have put in. Whether you are a corporate entity, a freelancer, or a consultant, the right kind of work environment is necessary for you to think creatively, come up with novel ideas, and deliver to your clients satisfactorily. And this is the reason why traditional workspaces are losing their credibility these days.

Is your working space affecting your productivity

Negative impacts of working alone or traditionally
Distractions–If you work from home, you probably get distracted by noisy kids, pets, and household chores all the time. Even if you find a stylish coffee shop to work from, it might affect your concentration with the chatter of people and the sounds from coffee machines.

co-working spacesLack of communication–If you are social by nature, working alone can mean you have no one to discuss your ideas with. You might not get to speak to another person for days, and it might be depressing.

Waste of money– If you choose a café as your workspace, you will end up shelling out too much money on coffees since you can only sit there as long as you order something.

Lack of necessary amenities–Printers, photocopiers and fax machines are essential these days. Even if you have them in your home office, they might suddenly break down one day. Or your home office might not be suitable enough to host client meetings or events.

Here’s why you need a co-working space
A co-working space is one where different kinds of professionals come together to work on their respective projects in a spacious, well-planned and well-equipped environment. They usually have access to a number of services like cleaning, printing and fax, parking space, common areas, free refreshments, high-speed internet and even shower rooms. But that’s not the only reason why co-working spaces are catching the attention of the modern professional. The following benefits are vital too –

A space to grow–The lack of unhealthy competition and office politics makes co-working spaces ideal for holistic growth, unlike traditional cubicles. Everyone has a quiet zone where they can focus on their work at hand, but they can also access common areas when they wish to interact with others, share ideas or simply relax. Plus, you will feel more energetic and driven, when you see others around you who care about their work.

A great place to network–Often, working alone at home or in a café can deprive you of making useful contacts. This can prevent you from landing good projects or a larger number of projects. But in a co-working space, you get to meet many other professionals like expert freelancers or an entrepreneur who has brilliant ideas. It can lead you to new prospects or even help you start a business of your own.

Ideal for work-life balance–In a traditional office environment, employees need to stick to strict working hours, or they have to take work home if they cannot finish before closing hours. This often disrupts family life or personal interests. On the other hand, a co-working space allows you to work flexible hours or when it suits you best. Hence, the arrangement is liberating and gives you more control over how you utilize your time.

Is your working space affecting your productivityInteresting facts about co-working
Currently, around 84% of co-working spaces are focusing on community building, 71% are planning more community events, and 39% are intending to open in a different location. It has also been noticed that most co-workers utilize their co-working space at least 5 times every week. Most co-working spaces have around 50 to 99 desks, which shows that a sizeable chunk of the employed population considers working with others a very productive experience.

Traditional workplaces with cubicles and working in a coffee shop are on their way out, owing to the many benefits of co-working mentioned above. It’s time that you join in too.

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