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Is Your Desk Job Killing You? Research Says Remote Working Can Help

26-06-2018   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   Health

We understand how a 9-to-5 desk job can negatively impact your body, mind, and soul, as no one can feel productive or inspired by sitting in a cramped cubicle for 8 to 9 hours. It is just not what nature intended! Sitting in one place for a long time can give you stiff neck, backaches, leg cramps and a headache as well.
The same old walls of your cubicle will give you no new ideas and even if you have a window, it might overlook a parking space, which can add to the frustration. And no modern professional who cares about his or her health will want to adjust to this situation. Remote working and especially shared workspaces are hence becoming popular these days. And there are many reasons why:

Freedom to move around
Moving around when and as you wish is often not possible in a traditional work environment. But if you are health-conscious, you know how movement can improve your blood circulation, help you think and give you energy. That is where remote working comes to your aid.
If you are working from your home, you can just get up and take a short walk in your hallway to feel active. In a coworking space too, moving around in the common room or going for a short workout session at the gym can get your blood pumping. The other benefit is that when you are working remotely, you can travel where you want as long as your work gets done.

A happy state of mind
Working day after day under artificial lights in a cubicle can make you depressed and lazy. The lack of a connection with nature is often the reason why most office-goers feel uninspired. But by working remotely, you can choose your desk to be near a window which gets lots of natural light, whether you are at home or in a coworking space. If the window overlooks a garden or park, there’s nothing like it. Many shared workspaces these days also offer meditation zones and relaxation zones surrounded by greenery, so that you can breathe in between your work and feel calm.

Control over environment

A desk job means you will be confined in one place for many hours, even if you don’t like the AC temperature, or you have a chatty colleague in the next cubicle. Or in other words, you have zero control over your environment.
But working remotely gives you more flexibility and control. If you are working from home, you can keep the AC at the temperature you want, listen to music when you need inspiration, or sit near a different window every day for a change of scenery. Similarly, if you choose a coworking space, you will get to interact with other people when you want and stay focused on your work at other times.

Avoiding contagious illnesses
It is often a trend in traditional workspaces for employees to come in even when they are suffering from a cold or flu. But though this may not seem like a big problem, one sick employee means others will follow suit soon.
Working remotely solves this problem, as this way, you don’t get germs from others and you don’t pass on your germs as well. Plus, hearing someone sneezing or coughing all the time doesn’t help your productivity.
So, take a long hard look at your desk job and decide if it’s really worth it. Remote working and coworking are more sensible options that can take care of your holistic well being.

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