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India is Embracing Napping Zones to Enhance Employee Productivity 

31-05-2019   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   Productivity

A growing number of businesses in India are investing in napping zones and there is a reason behind it. A study by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India published in February 2018 found that nearly 56% employees tend to sleep less than six hours a day as they have tough workplace targets, resulting in high levels of stress. 

Sleep deprivation can not only affect a person’s health and wellness, but it also has an adverse effect on their productivity and alertness. The US National Sleep Foundation recommends 20 to 30 minutes power naps to boost alertness and performance without people feeling sleepy or groggy. 

How Indian Companies are Incorporating Napping Zones

In India, even a few years back, employers hardly paid much heed to sleep deprivation of employees. However, that has changed recently, with more companies, especially start-ups, creating napping zones for their employees. 

This concept has made its way to India from the start-ups in the US, and the science behind it cannot be disregarded. Once an employee is rested, they are energized and more alert mentally. As a result, they can focus at the work on hand, ensuring it gets done right the very first time.

This is the reason why well-known companies like Hike Messenger and Razorpay are incorporating specific napping zones in their offices. Start-ups where the average employee age ranges from 20 to 30 years are also warming up to the idea. While some offices have nap rooms with beds, others are incorporating beanbags, couches, recliners and egg chairs to help employees relax and get a bit of shut-eye. Even if an employee can stretch out a bit before catching a late night flight for a business trip, it can contribute to his productivity. 

Many Benefits of Napping Zones 

With stiff targets and long working hours, employees of today are stressed and not getting sufficient sleep at home. Remember, most adults require seven to nine hours of sleep to be productive the following day. However, many studies have shown that daytime power naps of 20 to 30 minutes can augment night sleep and hence, improve employee productivity. So, by offering a nap zone at your workplace, you can attract and retain talent. Employees will no longer need to feel guilty about nodding off at their desks when they have access to a nap zone at their workplace. 

In a caffeine-fuelled workplace, employees tend to crash once the caffeine rush ceases. It may not be the right approach. Research shows that power nap in the afternoon can be more effective than consuming coffee. The effects of the nap tend to last longer than what coffee offers, and does not come with the crash. This is another reason to introduce napping zones at workplaces. 

The Bottom Line

When employees are tired and exhausted, their performance levels will not be the best. An organization can prevent losses due to low productivity by establishing napping zones. Allowing employees to take a quick nap can prove to be restorative, helping the employee work at high productivity levels for a longer period of time. Furthermore, power naps also boost mental and physical wellbeing. 

A study conducted by the Department of Behavioral Sciences at Hiroshima University found that when employees are allowed to take naps, it improves their self-confidence while doing a task and it mitigates stress-related fatigue that is common in fast-paced modern work environments. All in all, introducing napping zones gives employees an opportunity to recharge their batteries so that they are more effective in dealing with high workloads and associated stress. 

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