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How to Master the Skill of Time Management?

25-01-2019   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   Productivity

Is time moving at the speed of light for you? Are the 24 hours in a day never enough to do things? This could be true or maybe, you aren’t just managing it right. To be fair, yes, people don’t really have enough time to do what they want to with the 24 hours available to them but that is not how you should operate anyway. The secret lies in managing yourself in relation to time and making better choices. Here is how you can do so and catch up with the continuously running hands of the clock.

Know what requires your immediate attention
If you waste your time and energy in the small, insignificant stuff, naturally there isn’t going to be a lot left when you tackle the important things. Make a list of tasks you need to accomplish, whether personal or professional, the night before. This makes you competent enough to be productive the next day.

Take recurrent and small breaks from time to time
Managing yourself and time does not mean constantly doing something or the other. It also means taking frequent and short breaks regularly. This enhances productivity as you aren’t stuck with performing one monotonous task continuously. 

Steer clear from social media and distractions
Scrolling through Instagram or Facebook can seem like a nice break from the monotony of your task at hand but before you know it you have already spent a great deal of productive minutes checking out redundant updates and posts. It’s best to keep your phone away from you and do away with distractions when focusing on an important task.

Keep mornings for your most important tasks
Since you are fresh and more focused in the mornings, keep the high-priority tasks for that time. First lay sights on a tough or time-consuming chores, tasks or errands and then proceed to accomplish the other duties waiting.

Do not multitask
You may think you are accomplishing many things at the same time but, in fact, you are just focusing your attention on too many things and not submitting completely to any one of them. Remember, quality over quantity. Focus on one responsibility and set a timeframe for it. This helps you complete it tasks successfully and efficiently. 

Sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day
If you may think sleeping late and getting up early adds more hours to your day, it isn’t exactly true when you feel sluggish and lazy all throughout the day. Sleeping for a good 7-8 hours a day not only keeps you fresh and active, it adds to your healthy lifestyle routine. This helps you focus better and make more informed decisions. 

Club similar tasks together and learn the art of outsourcing or delegating tasks instead of trying to do everything yourself. This leaves you with time to concentrate on the important things. 

So, there you have it –follow these 6 tips and you are sure to gain a good hand over the intangible element known as time. Above all, as long as you focus on managing yourself with the hours of the day, you are sure to gain a certain kind of mastery over the hands of the clock.

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