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How to Manage Team in Coworking Spaces

30-05-2019   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   coworking

Everyone knows that change is the only constant in life. This is the reason why startups, small businesses, consultants and freelancers are increasingly warming up to the idea of coworking. They are breaking free from traditional 9 to 5 offices and instead, sharing productive spaces with other professionals from various fields. In other words, a digital marketer, an architect and an online tutor can share the same working space and yet get their job done perfectly! 

Now, if you are someone who has to manage a team and not just do your own thing, you might wonder if coworking is the right solution for you. But fret not. The best coworking spaces boast of intelligent layouts, the latest communication tools, and even meeting rooms, where it is easy to brainstorm with the whole team and handle a project together seamlessly. Here are some more tips that can help you manage a team efficiently and make the most of all the hours you spend in a coworking environment:

Digital Tools and Shared Platforms: Usage of digital tools is indispensable for the effective management of your team. Investment in effective tools and platforms can help your team communicate and collaborate in a frictionless manner. You can start with some basic tools for customer database, content management and file sharing. Further, you can also encourage your team members to share and collaborate through online forums to discuss and broadcast important ideas. 

Noise and Disturbances: As the boundaries between two organizations and work cultures get blurred, it becomes all the more necessary to look into the obvious “occupational hazards” associated with coworking spaces. So make sure that the noise disturbances and frequent interruptions associated with these places are properly considered and all the necessary provisions are kept in place to address these day-to-day issues. 

Sharing Ideas, Learning Cultures: One must be highly receptive to the idea of leveraging the benefits of community workspace, and finding innovative ways of introducing new ideas from other members of the coworking space. Team management becomes all the more unique and effective if you are able to help your team partner with new people and share new ideas. 

Fun Activities: Organizing activities like fun days, happy hours and team lunches can surely help the team members develop stronger bonds. This also gives the manager the opportunity to understand and address their personal concerns, and get a genuine feedback related to the work environment. 

Brand: Creating a sense of brand awareness could be of great value and help the organization reap rewards on numerous fronts. It reminds the employees about the necessity of brand identity and what the organization as a whole stands for. For this, you can use labeled stationary, business cards and t-shirts. 

And last but not the least; you need to understand that management is an ongoing process. So it is always important to make a timely review of your personal initiatives and management tools. Such actions are all the more important when you are consciously aware of the limits of managing a team operating from a coworking space. 
So, you now have a fair idea of how a team can be managed well in a coworking space, where different businesses and professionals come together to achieve their individual goals. There are several shared offices in Noida today that can cater to the needs of employees from different organizations. Before choosing one, it is best to compare the features and costs and then decide which coworking space will suit your team the best. 

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