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How to Make the Most of Limited Time in a Coworking Space

05-12-2018   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   Coworking

Coworking spaces can be immensely satisfying to work at, only if you know how to use your time in a productive and effective manner. If you want to be more creative and effective during that limited time at your coworking space, make sure you follow these tips.

Greet people you encounter
Be courteous and nice to people to form a lasting impression at your coworking space. If you are new to the space, a greeting or a simple hello can be an ice breaker and a great way to begin a conversation with people. A ‘good morning’ or ‘goodbye with a simple smile even if you are on a coffee refill or entering/exiting the place can make wonders in forging connections with anyone.

Socialize as much as you network
Your main aim should be conversing with as many people rather than treating this as a medium of distributing and circulating maximum number of business cards. Try to make meaningful and stimulating conversations. It is not necessary to attend every function, if the topic of discussion is not interesting to you. Inculcate the habit of tracking the upcoming events and functions. If you found something interesting, make a note of it.

Make social media your companion
A sure shot way to stay updated with what is happening in a coworking space is to follow people on social media. You will get to know about current trends via Facebook live streams or tweets while you can understand community culture through Instagram stories and posts or links to blog posts. Taking the assistance of social media can really give you an insight about the people as well as the workspace.

Complete your online profile
Whether you are a virtual or a part-time member, at first verify the member platforms that exist and fill them out appropriately. These member profiles should focus on your areas of interests, background and present compensation. Apart from it, you can add your company details and contact information to the group email account. This can certainly help you to build and foster professional relationships.

Sign up for the newsletter
Signing up for the coworking space newsletter really helps to collect information, understanding or knowledge about members, upcoming events, community announcements and celebrations. It also creates a platform for understanding your community in a better way.


Collaborate and connect
Helping each other is an important part of every community and that is as much true for a coworking space. If your strengths lie in a particular area, offer help. If you need help in certain areas, request for help. That’s how you become a part of a strong community – you grow by helping each other grow. In short, collaborate and connect. Also, don’t forget to befriend the community manager, who can be a great resource in helping you forge connections with your new community.

Happy coworking!

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