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How to make sales in 7 easy steps

05-02-2019   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   Productivity

When people picture professionals working in sales, they usually conjure up images of ruthless individuals who stop at nothing to make a sale. However, this is far from what reality actually is like. You don’t need to channel ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ vibes when making a sale. On the contrary, you should do the exact opposite. Here are 7 easy steps that ensure making a sale isn’t rocket science.

1) Put together a realistic plan
Understand the level of sales you expect to achieve and how you are going to get it. Figure out how exactly you want to derive a sale and set small goals accordingly. If your plan does not align with your sale objectives, you won’t obtain the revenues you aspire for. Know how you are going to use tactics to pick people’s attention and the manner in which you can use promotions, discounts and incentives to your best advantage.

2) Master the art of prospecting
Prospecting refers to an online research where you attempt to find new prospects. To do this, you can search an existing database for contacts or dig up other opportunities that make finding new ones simple. Begin by creating profiles for existing customers so that making contact with them is easy. This helps you adjust your marketing tactics for each customer accordingly. 

3) Focus on the way you present your product
Eventually, it all boils down to the way you present your product. Rather than getting caught up in a lecture about its various features which can seem boring and laborious, converse about how the product/service is going to make prospective customers’ life easier. Put in a human touch, cater to their needs and show them how the purchase can add value to their life.

4) Use the power of social media
Today, with the market being so diverse, it is important to capture the attention of people the right way. Social media can be used as a powerful medium for this. Since a large number of people today head online for their wants, needs and various concerns, raising awareness about your product by posting about your company updates, products and offers is a wonderful way to communicate directly with your existing and potential customers.

5) Outline clear milestones and deadlines
It is important to know whether the assumptions you are making in your sales plan are proving to be successful or end up with a negative reaction. To do this, setting up clear milestones and deadlines that track your sales path is the best. It boosts the morale of your team members and motivates them to do better.

6) Closing the deal
You can hurry up the sale and offer a discount that can be utilized on the same day itself or you can sum up everything you said so that to give a more accurate visual of what you are offering. You need to feel this moment in your conversation and accordingly decide whether you want to be a little aggressive in your approach or give the prospect a little space to think.

7) Follow up matters
Once you make a deal, you shouldn’t cut off all contact from your customers. Sending newsletters, updates and articles about your products and offers, conversing with the customers on social media, and in general, maintaining a relationship help to retain the interest of your customers in your company and its products. 

Remember, there is no magic technique when it comes to sales, but these steps are sure to make the entire process better and more productive.

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