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How Start a Travel Blog and Monetize It

28-03-2019   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   Productivity

If you are a digital nomad, travel blogging is probably the best job that you can take up. It allows you to fulfil your dream of travelling and getting also getting paid. However, if you thought that travel blogging was all about visiting new lands and just penning down your thoughts, you got it wrong. Travel blogging requires dedication and hard work. It can be fun, but it can also be taxing. Nonetheless, if you are keen to start a travel blog and monetize it, here are some basic steps to get started. 
Select a Travel Niche
Select a niche before you start your travel blog. Instead of opting for a niche that everyone is doing, it is best to go with something unique so that you can make it entirely yours. It will help you stand out in the crowded travel blogging industry. Opt for a niche that allows you to grow and evolve as your blog gets more popular. 
Choose a Domain Name
Opt for a domain name that tells the readers what you are writing about. However, it is best to be original, but ensure that the name is simple. Don’t go for a domain name more than three words and avoid hyphens altogether. Make sure you also check social media platforms to ensure that the same name account is available. If yes, lock it down so that you can then begin promoting your blog once it is up and running. 
Get the Right Hosting
Choose a reputable hosting provider that guarantees 99.9% uptime. Opt for a hosting solution that is flexible so that as the number of visitors increase, you can enhance the bandwidth. Many hosting providers offer you the domain name free, but make sure your chosen provider offers easy setup so that even if you are not technically savvy, you will be able to set up your travel blog without any hassle. 
Install WordPress
Once you have the hosting and domain name sorted out, install WordPress. This will enable you to start putting your travel blog together. Most hosting providers have one-click installation of WordPress. Opt for a professional layout even if you want it to have a more personal touch. Get also WordPress plugins, like YoastSEO and Akismet, to enhance user experience.  
Zero in on the Theme
WordPress has numerous free themes, but it is best to opt for a paid theme that will allow you stand out in a crowd. One of the most popular sites for themes is ThriveThemes. It offers themes that help to convert blog visitors into paying customers and subscribers. So, if you intend selling digital products, ThriveThemes could be the right partner for you. 
Work on Your Brand
Be clear about your brand as you will then be able to design your logo and banner. Make sure that each and every page of your blog has your logo and/or banner to reinforce your brand. Focus on the About Me page and write compelling content. Remember, this content will keep changing as your blog evolves and gets more popular. 
Create Your Content
Remember, the travel blogging niche is extremely competitive, so your content has to be really unique and engaging. Give the reader something of value that they can use while they are travelling. Also don’t forget to take photos and make videos, so that your readers are inspired to travel to these destinations. Persistence is the key to travel blogging and it will pay off as your site brings in an income. 
Monetizing Your Travel Blog
You should only look to monetize your blog once you have built an audience. You can do this by using whitehat SEO methods. Use social media, but do not rely completely on it to build your audience. 
Monetizing can be done in two ways - passive income and active hustle.

For passive income to pay off, you need about 50,000 unique visitors each month. You can opt for passive income through:
Affiliate marketing for travel insurance and booking services
Digital products, like selling ebooks
Online ads that pay you based on the number of impression per page. A good site that pays for ads is Mediavine. 
You can generate active income using the following methods:
Get advertisers, who will pay you to write posts on your site advertising their services or products. Basically, you are posting sponsored content. 
Forge brand partnerships with travel or adventure travel company. You can have to use their gear or services during your travel and mention it in your blog posts. 
Endorse travel-related products, but be careful as this could have a negative effect on your brand and travel blog.
There you have it – how to start and monetize a travel blog. Go ahead and indulge in both your passion – writing and travelling. Invest in that travel blog of yours and turn into the ultimate digital nomad’s travel guide. 

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