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Eight Reasons to Hold Your Next Event In A CoWorking Space

22-11-2018   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   Coworking

With the onset of the festive season and the approaching year end, organizations seek venues for promotional events to reap essential benefits for their businesses. Hosting social and promotional events has always been a trusted way of positioning an organization in the competitive business world. While it is important to organise events, it is also important to choose the right venue and the target audience. Nowadays, coworking spaces in India are the preferred and more sought venues for such events. This growing popularity can be attributed to the following reasons:

  1. Infrastructure requirements:  A Coworking space is housed with the requisite equipment. Conference halls, meeting rooms and in some cases, amphitheatres, equipped with audio and video setups, seating arrangements makes for a good venue and coworking companies provide them.

  1. Staff arrangement: Helpers who can facilitate the smooth flow of the event, set up your stuff, direct people to the venue and restrooms and provide security for the event are readily available in a coworking space. The host organisation remains relaxed on that front.

  1. Comfortable Experience: A coworking office space is built keeping in mind comfort since the people work for long hours. Coworking offices offer a great level of comfort to both the audiences and the presenters, which converts the event into a success story. Arrangements like refreshments for your audience is also something that can be taken care by them. Such arrangements are taken care of,  on their own.

  1. Safety and Security: People’s safety and security is a pre-requisite and an important one at that when you organise an event. Most coworking spaces have emergency exits, firefighting equipment. In fact, most of these office spaces are made keeping security standards in mind.

  1. Reach a Diverse Audience: Coworking spaces have various organizations from diverse sectors and industries. This makes them a good place to reach out to people from various working and social cultures.

  1. Connect with Growing Entrepreneurs: New start-ups and potential businesses are moving towards operating from coworking offices. So, holding an event in such spaces gives you an opportunity to connect with them and make them aware of your business and your vision.

  1. Vehicle parking arrangements: Though the focus remains on the content of the event, peripherals like ample parking space is also an important factor to consider. Coworking spaces have enough parking space available to cater to both large and small events. This is a big help for it enables and ensures more inflow of audience to your event. The focus remains where it should- On the content of the event rather than bothering about their vehicles.

  1. Promotion Hassles: It is utmost important to promote for your event in advance. If you are arranging the event on your own, you may have to promote it yourself through the print and visual media, which is time consuming. When you do an event in a co-working place, they can help you with the promotions through their newsletters, hoardings, pamphlets, brochures and emails to various internal distribution lists.  

If an event for your business is on your mind, find a coworking space near you and ask them to manage it for you. Rather than worrying about it and doing all the running around for all the arrangements and requirements, relax and focus on the event itself. Give the event, your dedicated attention!  If you want to host such an event in Delhi NCR, you may choose from a coworking space in Delhi or a co-working space in Noida or coworking space in Gurgaon, as per your location requirement.

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