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Coworking for Extroverts and Introverts

22-01-2019   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   coworking

Preeti was afraid that she would have to mingle and talk to co-workers in the coworking space. She was an introvert and preferred to be left alone and only revealed her true self to close friends and people she was comfortable with. So, she really shied away from coworking, but she couldn’t put it off any longer and was pondering about the benefits of working like this, in the midst of extroverts and over enthusiastic coworkers. 

Breaking the stereotype
Preeti is not alone in this belief. It is a well-known fact that introverts and extroverts are polar opposites, so naturally the way they interact with people and function in different social setups depend on their varying personality traits. Given the fact that these personalities stand at two opposite ends of the spectrum, how does a coworking space benefit both these character types? 

You may think that extroverts would flourish in a coworking space while the introverts would be too overwhelmed in such a situation. However, that is not the case. Here is how a coworking space can work out for both introverts as well as extroverts.

Interacting and conversing with people is not mandatory
Yes, in a coworking space, you get to meet people from various backgrounds but this does not mandatorily mean that you need to interact with them. While people who are friendly can indulge in conversations as it is true in the case of most extroverts, introverts do not have to play an active part in initiating interactions. In fact, you can benefit just as much from listening as well. If you want to, you can have one-on-one interactions with professionals you are interested in. 

Coworking has something in store for everyone
Coworking does not involve a big open space where people are made to sit face to face with each other at all times of the day. These spaces are specifically designed to meet the preferences and wants of all kinds of individuals. Personal space is a major element in a coworking space where after all there are many different professions and professionals under one roof. So whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you can establish your own daily routine and pick your spots from the conference rooms, private rooms, quiet working corners, phone booths or meeting rooms that are available.

Its recreational spaces are fun and easy
It is true that in a coworking space, the chances of bumping into people are more, especially during break time. While this can prove to be a cakewalk for extroverts, introverts can find refuge in revisiting the game areas, kitchen, and lounge. Once you familiarize yourself with the regular faces around, loosening up and being a part of the activities which are held is not tough. A simple ‘hi’ can start any conversation; following this you have the power to steer the interaction the way you want to.

How coworking can benefit both introverts and extroverts
Everyone feels uncomfortable at some point in the day or the other, whether they like interacting with people or not. Coworking, however, benefits introverts and extroverts in the right measure as it is the ideal mix of open spaces and private retreats. Add to this the fact that it is easy on the budget and a coworking space proves to be immensely beneficial. These spaces help nurture the creativity and skill set of a variety of individuals and make sure you end up being more productive. 

Coworking spaces are a great way for extroverts to stay in their element; they are also a wonderful platform for introverts to interact and form friendly, professional bonds with others.

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