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5 Surprising Benefits of Co-working Spaces

18-05-2019   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   coworking

Starting a new business is an expensive affair and most of the expenses come from having to buy and setup an office. Thankfully, these days one has the option of choosing to setup in a co-working space. It is better than your traditional office in a lot of ways especially if you are a start-up. 

A co-working space is very conducive for businesses that are in their initial or nascent stages of development. You meet with other professionals who are dealing with similar situations. It results in more innovation and productivity. 

Here are the top five benefits of co-working spaces:

Expansion of your network and creativity – In a co-working space, you’ll meet people in similar situations, but from varied industries, with different business interests. Hence, your network stands to grow in a highly effective and easy manner. When you engage with people from diverse backgrounds, you are exposed to a plethora of ideas which in turn help with the churning of the creative juices. 

Cost effective – One of the main advantages of working from a co-working space is its cost effectiveness. If you were to buy an office space somewhere in the city then it would drain you of money compared to the easy affordability of co-working spaces. You can gain so much financial feasibility just by slashing the cost of buying an office space.  

Flexibility – In a co-working space, you can be flexible with your timings. If you rented an office space then you’d have to leave at a specific time, but if you worked from a co-working space then you could virtually come and go as you please. In the beginning stages of a business, more often than not, the workload and targets are such that overtime becomes inevitable. Most co-working spaces are open 24/7. 

Fosters discipline – When you are working in a space that has other people who are also working on growing their own businesses, it instils in you a certain discipline of getting your work done without being distracted by anything else going on around you. It forces you to focus on your goals and priorities. This not only helps with your business, but it also helps you and your employees to get in sync with each other. 

Finding new talent – Since you will be surrounded with professionals from various spheres, you can tap into their networks to hire capable people for apt jobs. Apart from that, you will be surrounded by talented people from whom you can learn about various things and concepts that may be parallel and helpful to the growth of your own business. 

A co-working space is a nurturing environment where like-minded and driven people come to build their businesses. Such an environment helps in fostering the growth of everyone that is present. For new businesses, a co-working space is a really conducive work environment that helps builds not only their business, but also long-lasting and meaningful partnerships and business relationships that can bear fruits in the future. 


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