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5 Best Productivity Tools to Help You Work Efficiently

15-05-2019   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   Productivity

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a start-up owner, high productivity is the key to ensure you succeed in your business endeavor. It is essential to maintain transparency, manage priorities and also align your strategies to your business goals. This could be too much at times. Thankfully, no longer. You can make use of productivity tools to help you work smarter and more efficiently. 

Todoist is a task manager that allows you to organize your tasks on daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can generate folders according to their categories, date the tasks, add notes, set reminders and much more. You can track the progress of each task with the help of stats and colored graphs. This app makes is easy to manage your to-do list with relative ease. It is available as a browser extension as well as an application for iOS, web and Android. 

In this day and age, not having a social media presence is committing professional hara-kiri. However, managing different social media profiles can be overwhelming and challenging when you are busy trying to meet deadlines and achieve goals. You can use Hootsuite to help with management of your social media profiles. It allows you to access and control all your accounts using a single dashboard. You can track, schedule and even analyze posts for different social media platforms at the same time. Use the free plan to manage three accounts and see the power of this productivity tool.

While Todoist help you manage your to-do lists, Asana allows you to focus on projects. This project management tool helps you manage team tasks and projects from a single source. It will help your entire team stay focused at the tasks on hand and ensure they see it to the very end. If you have a small team, it is best to opt for the free plan. 

Communication issues can cause your start-up or entrepreneurial endeavor to crash. So, it is essential you manage communication within your team in a systematic and proficient manner. Slack allows you group your communications based on teams or projects. You can also share files with ease. You no longer will have to use email for internal correspondence. Also, it can be integrated without any hassle. 

As you begin hiring the right talent for your company, it will become tough to keep track of the different openings and applications. As a start-up owner, you will be wearing multiple hats, and one of them will be that of an HR manager. This recruitment management software makes it easy to manage different opening, track and review applications, automate replies, and even assign recruitment responsibilities to your team. In case you intend to hire, this is the tool you want helping you out. 

So, there you have it - 5 productivity tools to help you work more efficiently. If you are operating out of a coworking space, these tools can be invaluable. They will assist you to become more efficient and when that happens, you will become more productive. 

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