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5 Awesome Workplace Trends That Can Work For You In 2018

16-08-2018   |   by EDITORIAL TEAM   |   Co-Working

A modern workplace can change fast and often dramatically, thanks to unique advancements in technology. This is probably why Artificial Intelligence and automation of various manual processes are creating such ripples in the corporate landscape. Ever-changing political trends are another reason why the employment scenario can change rapidly, and bring you both opportunities and challenges, when it comes to hiring and retaining the right talent especially. So, man and machine must join hands to secure the right kind of employees, train them innovatively and use technology to help managers focus more on core business goals, rather than on mundane everyday tasks which can be efficiently handled by AI. This can contribute significantly to long-term sustainable success.  
Below are some top workplace trends for the year 2018.

Upskilling to resolve employment crisis

Employment crisis is something that is brewing fast! Well, in the USA, over a 6 million job vacancies remained unfilled just because the required candidates could not be found. Plus, in Britain, the introduction of Brexit will narrow down the pool of the already existing talent.
Looking for the answers to the situation? Well, it is right under your nose.
Here, the employer must focus a little on retraining or let’s say up-skilling their already existing staff.  This is a considerable option for the employers as your staff will be keen to learn new skills to work more efficiently.

Automated Options and Effective HR tools

When talking about advancements - technology is ubiquitous, especially when it comes to office spaces. This is because mobile devices tend to offer both competence and convenience.  However, the new digital trends are just a beginning to replace the requirements for a human in some specific job-related functions.
For instance, many HR professionals can choose from a wide array of HR tools that are specially designed to streamline, fasten and automate certain operations which have conventionally been performed manually.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Employees

Artificial Intelligence is transforming working abilities. It is capable of performing the tasks that were earlier performed by humans. For example, processing and using data at amazing speeds can be done efficiently by artificial intelligence. Conversely, it is very important to remember that technology works for our convenience.
So, by taking care of recurring jobs such as data processing, artificial intelligence will let the employees focus on the work that involves some unique skills like creativity and good decision making.

A Focus on Leadership

Innovation is said to be responsible to automate your daily tasks, providing managers with enough time to interact with other workers than ever before. Since managers are said to be the driver of the experience of the employees, having more time can enable them to build a dedicated task force. However, organizations must focus on various programs in order to help managers to build relationships and cultivate courage to be a great leader.

Mixed reality tends to blend in right

Don’t know much about mixed reality?
Well, let us explain it to you. Mixed reality means blending the real world experiences with a computer-generated description. This is one of the rising trends these days!  For example, imagine a simple presentation that incorporates some 3D objects or a business meeting in a virtual conference room (amazing right!), where you and your business partners across the world can sit down together and discuss work-related issues. The possibilities here are endless, right?

Remember, that the world of work will keep on evolving, but the only thing that will remain unchanged will be our identities as people. Plus, only those organizations will succeed in future that are agile, focused and inclined towards long-term sustainability to rise above the challenges of the modern workspace.

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