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We are not your average coworking space



Dwelling in the developing town of Faridabad, and finding a co-working space within a radius of a mere two and a half kilometers from his house on a whimsical Google search, our founder Gautam Duggal was left pleasantly surprised.

Being a well-read and aware individual, having good exposure as a print management consultant for international customers, he always knew what a co-working space was.

However, he was nothing less than dumbstruck to realize the already penetrated fad around the co-working arrangement in his region. This trend, until only a few years ago, was restricted to a handful of popular names in the industry in the country.

The search engine results proved that by now that it was gaining meaningful traction all over. This surely was a big change in the realm of the commercial real estate, that people had actually accepted and were willing to adopt this western concept.

With an itch to contribute to the world of business more, and stretch beyond his current profession, Gautam dived further into his finding. He engaged in extensive research in the quest to come up with the most remarkable and revolutionary co-working space. He identified a unique union of differentiating characteristics that could disrupt the concept of a regular office and be a productive breeding ground for enterprising individuals. Giving life to this vision required a good amount of funds. This led to his search for an investor, in order to manifest his ideas into reality.

And, this is how Eccosphere was born.

The concept of Eccosphere is holistic in every sense. It seeks to care for every layer that contributes to one’s productive potential. At Eccosphere, the mindset is to invest in people, covering all essential aspects of their success and well being. An approach, taking care of the Trinity - Mind, Body and Work. In addition, another constant endeavor is to be a harbor of continuous learning, embedding a culture that thrives on the unmatched power of true knowledge.

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We at Eccosphere, envision a positive metamorphosis in the concept of workplaces in India


We seek to inspire, empower and connect people with our concept of a future-proof workplace, one that seems utopian today



Unity is strength

We are staunch advocates of collaborative growth. We desire to nurture an environment where talent learns, works and grows together.


Happiness is best
when spread

A workplace that has happy workers can never, ever complain about low output. We endeavor to spread happiness, which transforms into positive productivity.


Serving members
is karma

We treat being responsive to the needs of our members as our duty. We strive to nurture a space that is a productive powerhouse; one that caters to every need of our members.


Learning should
be incessant

We constantly seek to harbor an environment with continuous learning opportunities; one that empowers inspires and nurtures our members with the power of knowledge.

Team Members

Mohtashim Aquil
Mohtashim Aquil
Gautam Duggal
Gautam Duggal
Co-Founder & CEO
Samir Iqbal
Samir Iqbal
Prateek Sharma
Prateek Sharma
Business Head
Ashav Kaushik
Ashav Kaushik
Chief Technology Consultant
Priyanshu Gupta
Priyanshu Gupta
Zonal Head
Eccosphere Co-working Pvt. Ltd
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